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Helloo(: This is Perfect Storm Scanlations. Here to welcome you all to this site.

Perfect Storm Scanlations
Pleasure Awaits Beyond

Perfect Storm is a recently founded scanlation group, and the staff here are dedicated to bringing you manga that you/we want. We are a Shoujo/Yaoi/anything-based group. For the most part, we work on picking up projects that were dropped by other groups, so people aren't left hanging. We hope to be around for a long time. This groups was made by fans for fans, so nothing we scan is for sale, nor do you have to pay to read these wonderful works. All you need to do is be respectful of us and the other members of this community. And of course, follow the guidelines we have.
If you have any questions/requests/comments, email us at: PerfectStormScans@Gmail.com

♥ Please don't flame, troll, or be rude to staff/members/releases. If you don't like our releases or the company of the people here, please get off the site(: This is an open community, so please respect one another.
♥ All of our releases will be available in file share sites.
♥ Please do not hotlink or post any of our links on other sites. Or, request permission before doing so.

♥ Enjoy our releases!

Textures/Brushes: http://shizoo.frozen-media.de/